Oxbow Snowmobile & Dirt Bike Radios: Communication at Full Throttle

Snowmobiling or dirt biking, the terrain may vary, but the need for effective communication remains paramount. At Oxbow, we understand the passion and challenges that come with these extreme sports. From the adrenaline-filled jumps on rugged dirt tracks to the breathtaking glide through pristine snowfields, maintaining clear lines of communication ensures not just thrill, but safety too. With our state-of-the-art radio solutions, you’ll never be left in silence, even in the most demanding conditions.

Snowmobile Radio Excellence: Gear Up for Winter Adventures

When you’re piercing through the snowy trails, the serenity of winter landscapes is unmatched. But this tranquility should not come at the cost of disconnectedness. Our snowmobile radio solutions, like the Renegade series, ensure you’re never out of touch. Tailored for the winter adventurer, these radios are meticulously crafted to brave the coldest and wettest powder days, ensuring optimal performance even when the mercury drops.

Dirt Bike Radios: Keeping the Trail Communication Clear

The rugged trails and exhilarating dirt biking jumps require equally tough gear. Our Renegade radios, designed with riding in mind, bring reliable communication to the dirt tracks. Whether locating a lost rider or navigating unfamiliar terrains, the Renegade radios ensure clear communication, optimizing safety and teamwork for every ride.

The Renegade Radio Series: Merging Technology with Outdoor Passion

The Renegade X Two-Way Radio is a marvel of modern engineering, combining Bluetooth® Wireless Technology with robust two-way radio capabilities. Now, pairing with your favorite headphones or helmet intercom systems for a truly wireless communication system is a breeze. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth chip, enjoy seamless connection without sacrificing the extensive range of two-way radio frequencies. Every aspect of the Renegade X and 2.0 has been conceptualized based on feedback from professionals, resulting in a backcountry radio that’s both user-friendly and resilient against the harshest environments.

Experience Seamless Connectivity: Renegade X + UCLEAR Motion Infinity Bundle

For those seeking the ultimate communication experience, the Renegade X and UCLEAR Motion Infinity bundle promises unparalleled versatility. Experience over 18+ hours of battery life, weatherproofing for even the most extreme conditions, and a flawless pairing that combines the best of both devices. Enjoy the combination of intercom systems and two-way radio frequencies, ensuring you’re always in touch, regardless of distance or terrain.

UCLEAR Motion Infinity: The Pinnacle of Wireless Communication

Every ride becomes more exhilarating with the UCLEAR Motion Infinity. Designed for seamless pairing with the Renegade X, this device promises an unmatched communication experience. From its impressive 18+ hour battery life to the ruggedized weatherproof design, the Motion Infinity ensures you remain connected, even in the harshest conditions.

Why Oxbow’s Snowmobile and Dirt Bike Radios Stand Out

In extreme sports, equipment needs to be as steadfast and reliable as the athletes using them. Our radios, from design to performance, reflect our commitment to offering unparalleled communication solutions for snowmobilers and dirt bikers. With an extensive range, enduring battery life, and unmatched durability, Oxbow stands as a beacon of reliability.

Can you put a radio on a dirt bike?

Absolutely! Our Renegade radio series, for instance, is specifically designed to attach securely to any backpack shoulder strap, ensuring easy and convenient use while dirt biking.

What is the best radio for snowmobiling?

The Oxbow Renegade series, especially the Renegade X with its Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, stands out as the best for snowmobiling. Its design, informed by feedback from snowmobile industry professionals, ensures it can withstand the harshest winter conditions.

What is the best 2-way radio for snowmobiling?

The Renegade X Two-Way Radio is a top contender. Its built-in Bluetooth chip offers seamless pairing with other devices while transmitting on two-way radio frequencies, ensuring both convenience and extensive range.

What is the longest distance for a dirt bike two-way radio?

The Renegade X radio, transmitting at the U.S. legal limit of 2 watts, boasts a line-of-sight range of 25 miles and a backcountry range of 1-5 miles, ensuring you remain connected over vast distances.