Oxbow Hunting Radios: The Best in Field Communication

Maintaining reliable communication is vital when you’re out in the wild, hunting, tracking, and navigating through rugged terrain. As a committed hunting enthusiast, you need a radio that can withstand the elements, deliver clear communication over significant distances, and ensure the safety and success of your hunting excursions.

Our Oxbow hunting radios are tailored to provide you with an unmatched outdoor communication experience. These radios are engineered with advanced features, making them the best hunting radios for keeping you connected even in remote areas. With superior range, outstanding battery life, and a rugged, weatherproof design, they are the go-to choice for hunters who demand the best two-way radio.

Best Hunting Radios: Unrivaled Performance, User-Friendly Design

Designed with hunters in mind, our radios provide reliable and durable performance in a sleek, user-friendly package. The radio’s compatibility with GoPro mounts allows you to securely fasten it to any backpack or hunting vest, keeping your hands free and your focus on the hunt. The innovative design guarantees your radio stays put, even during the most intense activities.

Our hunting radios are designed to withstand the harshest conditions. They feature water and moisture-sealed buttons, and an internal waterproof membrane lining the mic and speaker, ensuring protection even in the wettest and coldest conditions. The rugged construction and premium materials guarantee that your radio will perform no matter what conditions you face.

Best Two Way Radio for Hunting: Extended Range, Long Battery Life

Operating on FRS/GMRS frequencies, our radios transmit at 2 watts, adhering to the FCC’s legal license-free limit. This offers you clear communication without worrying about licensing fees or restrictions. With a real-world range of 1-5 miles and a line-of-sight range of 25 miles, our radios are perfect for maintaining contact with your hunting party.

One of the best features of our hunting radios is their extended battery life. With a battery lifespan of 36 hours, our radios offer one of the longest-lasting performances on the market. You can hunt for days without worrying about power depletion.

Best Hunting Two Way Radios: User-Friendly Interface

When you’re out in the wilderness, simplicity is crucial. Our radios are designed with an intuitive interface that’s easy to use, even on the go. The well-placed buttons and straightforward menu system allow you to easily navigate channels, adjust settings, and access other features.

Compatibility with a range of devices and accessories, such as headphones, wireless headsets, Bluetooth earpieces, speakers, microphones, or helmet intercom systems, ensures a truly wireless communication experience.

Trust Oxbow for Your Hunting Radios

Here at Oxbow, we take your hunting communication needs seriously. We’ve designed our radios from the ground up, incorporating feedback from seasoned hunters and outdoor professionals to create the best hunting radios on the market.

With our radios, you can expect reliable communication, no matter the conditions. We know reliable communication can make the difference when you’re out in the field. Trust Oxbow to be your hunting partner – we won’t let you down. We’re proud to stand behind our products. Experience the Oxbow Gear difference for yourself.

How far can long-range hunting radios go?

Long-range hunting radios, like those designed by Oxbow Gear, can provide clear communication over a real-world backcountry range of 1-5 miles. With line-of-sight, Oxbow’s radios can achieve an impressive range of up to 25 miles, ensuring you stay connected in diverse hunting scenarios.

What is the best frequency for long-range hunting radios?

Oxbow Gear’s long-range hunting radios typically operate on the FRS/GMRS frequencies. By staying within this frequency range, Oxbow radios offer clear, reliable communication over long distances and operate at 2 watts, the FCC’s legal license-free limit.

What is the range of handheld two-way hunting radios?

The range of Oxbow Gear’s handheld two-way hunting radios varies with terrain but can maintain clear communication at a distance of 1-5 miles in backcountry settings. When in line-of-sight conditions, Oxbow’s radios can reach an exceptional distance of up to 25 miles.

What are some features to look for in a handheld two-way hunting radio?

Oxbow Gear’s handheld two-way hunting radios boast several essential features, including long battery life (up to 36 hours), rugged durability, water and moisture-sealed buttons, and an internal waterproof membrane for weather resistance. Plus, they’re compatible with various accessories and designed with an intuitive interface, making navigation simple even while on the move.

Are handheld two-way hunting radios easy to use?

Yes, Oxbow Gear designs its handheld two-way hunting radios with user-friendliness in mind. With well-placed buttons and straightforward menus, Oxbow radios make navigating through channels, adjusting settings, and accessing features hassle-free, even when you’re out in the field.

Are handheld two-way hunting radios legal to use?

Indeed, handheld two-way hunting radios, such as those from Oxbow Gear, are legal to use. Operating on FRS/GMRS frequencies, these radios comply with the FCC’s legal license-free limit of 2 watts. As always, it’s prudent to check local regulations as they can vary by country.