USB Booster Charger for Voyager Battery

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  • USB charger for the Voyager 8800 8.4 volt lithium-ion battery.
  • Built in voltage booster to increase voltage from 5v to 8.4v to charge the battery safely.


High-Quality USB Charger for Voyager 8800 8.4V Lithium-Ion Battery!

Experience convenient and safe charging with our specially designed USB charger. This versatile charger is specifically built to provide a reliable power source for your Voyager 8800 8.4V lithium-ion battery.

With its built-in voltage booster, our USB charger ensures a seamless charging experience by increasing the voltage from 5V to the required 8.4V. This voltage boost guarantees a safe and efficient charging process, protecting your battery while maximizing its performance.


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Weight.1 lbs

23 reviews for USB Booster Charger for Voyager Battery

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    Works as it should, red/green charge indicator is nice.

  2. Jordan Nicolo (verified owner)

  3. Brian A. (verified owner)

  4. James Gipe (verified owner)

    I love my Voyager light. I use it as a headlight on my Mtn bike and dirtbike. I also use it as a helmet light. The Gopro mount makes it so versatile. Killer product

  5. Chandler C. (verified owner)

    Simple, easy to use and affordable for keeping a spare around.

  6. PORTER LEWIS (verified owner)

  7. Alvaro Lopez (verified owner)

  8. Ryan H. (verified owner)

  9. derek therrien (verified owner)

  10. Karen C. (verified owner)

    This charger was pretty handy with charging in my rig.

  11. Chase (verified owner)

  12. Gisli A.Gudmundsson (verified owner)

    Can’t complain. Seems good

  13. Austin O. (verified owner)

  14. Baden Brewer (verified owner)

    Great to have this handy alternative for charging in my car or anywhere else. Love that it has an indicator light on the USB side so I know the status of what’s happening.

  15. Michael Georgeson (verified owner)

  16. Dean T. (verified owner)

    Wish it had a state of charge LED, no way of knowing your charge status. I know its just supposed to be a backup to boost the battery to get home but it would be nice to know the connection is good and its charging the battery.

  17. Greg Gipe (verified owner)

  18. Christopher Batton (verified owner)

  19. Sean B. (verified owner)

    Perfect for charging on the go. Used this to recharge the battery pack in my truck between laps.

  20. Tim Noland (verified owner)

  21. Keith B. (verified owner)

  22. Tyler Lepore (verified owner)

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

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