Universal Dirt Bike Light Bar Kit

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This light bar kit will work with any stock dirt bike handle bars.


Want to give your dirt bike or snow bike some serious lighting power? The Diamond LED Universal light bar kit will be sure to get the job done. This light bar will work with all stock dirt bike handlebars. Simply unscrew two of your handlebar clamp screws, and replace with the light bar bracket and new screws. The light connects directly to your battery, making installation easy. Everything is included in the kit for installation and operation. Easy to adjust angles up and down for the perfect lighting.

Disclaimer: Black auxiliary switch shown in picture not included. The kit comes with one red power switch.

Watch video to see more details:


Required Battery Voltage12V
LED TypeFlood

Solid Aluminum Construction
2-year warranty
Easy installation

Light bar
Stainless steel light bar bracket
Wiring harness with Arma-guard wire loom
Switch connections for your battery

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions7 × 5 × 4 in

20 reviews for Universal Dirt Bike Light Bar Kit

  1. Edgan Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This light works great, but is not a great fit i have a TE 300 2023 and had to cut number plate because it wont sit properly not even with the higher spacer they bring had to cut so the light could sit straight if not it will be pointing up , light works great but suck that something so expensive you still have to do mods to it , will definitely buy again, but kinda suck for the price point having to cut number one plate when advertised as not having to .

  2. Andy H. (verified owner)

    Amazing light and it doesn’t draw many amps at all. It’s been great to have and I swap it back and forth between my snowbike and dirt bike.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy install and works well

  4. Tony Garza (verified owner)

    Installed on my 23 Kawasaki KX250X. Light is super bright and a good balance of focused beam and flood. Mounting plate is a nice piece. Fit was perfect. Really liked the harness, was loomed well. Overall great headlight for the price.

  5. Karl B. (verified owner)

    Takes forever to receive packages

  6. Mike B. (verified owner)

    Great little rig, tons of light and mega easy install.

  7. David P. (verified owner)

    the light was a breeze to install and lights the dark up like daylight. Very good lighting for the price. 100% satisfied

  8. Mark B. (verified owner)

    Very bright light easy to install

  9. Dustin (verified owner)

    Very bright and easy to install. Only issue is throttle cable hangs up on the light bracket.

  10. Matthew Reiber (verified owner)

    Light is bright, well built, and all the wiring and hardware seem very very solid.

    My one complaint is the hardware used in the kit – it seems well made and sturdy but the sizes are really odd. Dirt bikes try really hard to keep the sizes of bolts and Allen heads to a minimum, but this gives me four different sizes: a 10mm on the mounting bolt, and 13mm (????) on the other end of the mounting bolt, a #5 Allen head on the swivel joint that connects the light to the bracket, and a #6 (once again, ????) Allen head to connect the bracket to the handle bars.

    The 13mm and #6 Allen head are an outstandingly odd choice to me, as my Yamaha does not have a single 13mm bolt unless maybe you’re tearing into the case. This will make it so if something goes wrong with that bolt on a mountain, I won’t have a wrench for it. Exact same goes for the #6 Allen head.

    Every Japanese bike goes for the same practice of using 8/10/12mm bolts and #5 Allen heads, even KTM/Husky’s keep this same practice.

    That is the only reason for four stars. Thanks boys -Matt

  11. Ronald Jeroue (verified owner)

  12. Dave (verified owner)

    Love the light and bracket it fit perfect on my 2020 KLX 300R. However light red light switch has a tendency to pop out of bracket. Other then that I’m happy with it.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    missing parts

    • Oxbow Gear (store manager)


      Sorry to hear you are missing parts. We have reached out to you regarding this issue. Please let us know what parts you are missing and we will be happy to send them to you.

  14. David Martinez (verified owner)

    Quality product but fab required. Only reason it’s a 3 is the bracket is not made for 2018 KTM 300 XCW. Mounting bracket hits display screen, have to flip bracket upside down and take a grinder for trim work so it clears screen.

  15. Ryan Donogh (verified owner)

  16. Josh S. (verified owner)

    Easy hookup. Good power and throw…optional lenses or 1/2 lenses in amber or yellow would be good to help with glare…Only gripe is the edges are really sharp on the mount and I had to modify to keep cables from rubbing through

  17. Steven L. (verified owner)

    Great little unit.
    Solid mounting bracket, easy set up. Yes it’s very bright !
    I have it set up on my Husky FC 250.

  18. Steven E. (verified owner)

    I ride a 2019 ktm 250 xcw tpi light bolted right up ran the wires plugged it in and off we went . Light is very bright perfect for night riding it only took about a half hr to install great product so far I’ve used it twice now each time for about 2hrs it opens up a whole new world of riding

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Had to modify quite a bit to fit a mid sized dirt bike.

  20. brock w. (verified owner)

    The red button was not in my kit …. still works great ,was worried but does not seem to need it …

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