Renegade X Two-Way Radio with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

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  • Built-in Bluetooth Capability– Pair this radio with your favorite helmet intercom, Bluetooth headset, earbuds, or other Bluetooth devices for wireless communication. Our Bluetooth connectivity means you don’t need a two way radio adapter or a Bluetooth adapter. 
  • Universal Shoulder Strap Mount – the adjustable Universal Shoulder Strap Mount two way radio accessory is designed to securely fit any backpack shoulder strap, making it easy to operate and use the radio while on the go. 
  • Built for the Elements – The Renegade X radio was built to withstand the harshest rain and snow conditions while still providing you with an open line of communication.
  • Channels – Operating in the FRS frequency range with 22 channels & 121 sub-channels (aka privacy codes). This radio will work with other industry snowmobile radios.
  • Extended Range – While using the legal U.S. license free limit of 2 watts, the Bluetooth two way radio will provide up to 25+ miles of range. Typical backcountry range with trees and hills is 1-5 miles.
  • Versatility – With built-in Bluetooth technology, headphone ports, and secure shoulder strap mount, this radio is perfect for snowmobiling, dirt biking, hunting, and more.

Optional Wireless Handlebar Button

  • Wirelessly control the Push-to-Talk function on your Renegade X radio directly from your handlebars.
  • Engineered for seamless integration with the Renegade X radio.
  • Stay connected effortlessly with the convenience of Bluetooth technology.



Ever wish you could have a two-way radio that could pair with your favorite headphones, wireless headset, Bluetooth earpiece, speaker, microphone, or helmet intercom system for a true wireless communication system? Now you can with the Renegade X radio. The Renegade X has a built-in Bluetooth chip that will allow you to pair with your favorite listening device while still transmitting in two-way radio frequencies.

Why would you want to pair a headset intercom with a two-way radio instead of talking intercom to intercom? Because Bluetooth radio waves have a very short range and have connectivity issues as you get further away or out of line-of-site. Two-way radio waves travel much further and will never get disconnected from each other, unlike GPS navigation. By pairing your helmet intercom with the Renegade X, you get the best of both worlds, the convenience of a helmet intercom with the range of two-way radio.

The Renegade X comes with our patented mounting system to securely attach the radio to any backpack shoulder strap and is compatible with our other Bluetooth accessories.

The Renegade X and Renegade 2.0 were specifically designed from the ground up to withstand the harshest environments. By taking feedback on the original Renegade two-way Bluetooth walkie talkies from snowmobile industry athletes and professionals such as Dan Adams, Matt Entz, the Boondockers, and many more, we created the X and 2.0 radio platforms. Thought was put into every element of the radio, from the button layout, the increased waterproofing and moisture proofing, user interface, and more, to make this the ultimate backcountry radio.

The entire inside face of the radio mic and speaker is sealed with a waterproof membrane to ensure the mic and speaker never freeze over. The PTT button is completely sealed so no moisture even on the coldest, deepest, wettest powder days will ever prevent the PTT button from functioning properly. Here at Oxbow, we take backcountry communication seriously, and we have created a serious radio to provide reliable communication no matter the conditions. We know that when you are in the backcountry, reliable communication can literally be the difference between life and death.

The license free Renegade X radio has 22 channels with 121 sub-channels. The removable lithium ion battery and power saver technology provides for 36+ hours of use. Transmitting at the U.S. legal limit of 2 watts, the walkie talkie has line-of-site range of 25+ miles and a backcountry range of 1-5 miles. The two way radio also has a VOX (voice activation) function as well as a “future” remote PTT button pairing mode (stay tuned).

Backed by a 2 year warranty, we stand by our products.


FrequencyFRS (462-467MHz)
Channels22 + 121 Sub-Channels
WaterproofingIP56 (Rain & Snowproof)
Batter Life36+ Hours
Power2 Watt
BatteryRemovable 1700mAh
Backcountry RangeMountain: 1-5 miles
Line-of-site Range25+ miles
Headphone JackYes

1 x Radio
1 x Li-ion Battery
1 x AC Adapter
1 x USB-C Charging Cable
1 x Shoulder Strap Mount
1 x Tether

The Renegade X and Renegade 2.0 radios share identical features, with the key distinction lying in Bluetooth compatibility. While the Renegade X offers seamless Bluetooth connectivity, the Renegade 2.0 does not include this feature. Both radios ensure top-notch performance, but if wireless communication is a priority for you, the Renegade X is the perfect choice.

Renegade X User Manual

Products not compatible with the Renegade X

Uclear Amp 2

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
PTT Button

Add the Wireless Push-to-Talk Button, No Button

33 reviews for Renegade X Two-Way Radio with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

  1. Mark (verified owner)

    This equipment is useless. It doesn’t work. I opened a case with support and they admitted they have an issue with the bluetooth in the radio. They were good for a few days and have gone radio silent now. Very disappointed and have lost complete trust in this brand and the company behind it.

  2. Gary Watson (verified owner)

    I would love to give it 5 stars, but the Bluetooth in my opinion is a bit subpar. I paid extra to have the Bluetooth capability and I would love it if it would remember the devices that I pair it with. To have to pair the remote PTT and my headset every time I use it is a bit of a hassle.

  3. Mike

    Love it! I’ve had all generations of oxbow radios and they’re all awesome. I’ve kept all of my old ones as spares for buddies and they love them too. Durable, long range, long battery life. Not a single complaint so far! They’re great!

  4. Michelle

    The ease of using the interface makes it a great radio for anyone and all seasons (works great during hunting season as well). I can’t count the number of times this past season I came across someone on the mountain that had recently purchased a radio and I was able to show them how easy it was to set the designated channel. Great product with great range and awesome customer service.

  5. Weston

    Having the upgraded version but keeping it simple without the Bluetooth capabilities is why this radio is awesome. It transmits clearly and had great range. Would recommend this to those who are looking for a high quality radio without all the hassle of extras.

  6. Cal

    I have had the Renegade 2.0 (Bluetooth) 2-way radio for a few years now. I love that it can pair with any headset or earbuds (besides apple) and the communication systems in your helmet. Now with the ptt button you can put on your handlebars it makes communication that much easier and safer.

  7. Kevin N. (verified owner)

    The new Renegade X is super sweet ! Love to use the PTT with it. And having a super obnoxious noisy sled, the Bluetooth headphone feature is great also !! Would highly recommend!!!

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works well, very happy with them

  9. Mark Keckeis (verified owner)

    It would be nice if the Blue Tooth connection was persistent and did not have to be reconnected when the radio is cycled on and off.
    Other than that little hassle – the radios look and operate great.

    • Oxbow Gear (store manager)

      Hey Mark,

      The saved connection is something we are working on. Hopefully it’s something we can send out to customers as a firmware update through an app.

      Stay tuned!

  10. Adam W. (verified owner)

    Best radio I have ever had! Wouldn’t change it for anything

  11. Quintin S. (verified owner)

    Great radio. Bluetooth works well.

  12. Nicole Tower (verified owner)

    Used this in some extremely cold weather and in rainy conditions and never once did my connection fail. Incredibly impressed with the quality of this radio.

  13. Wade R. (verified owner)

    love the renagade radio,very ez to set up and operate. It paired well with a sena headset.

  14. Andy

    I’ve had so many radios! This one by far triumphs every one. I wanted radios with super clear communication, long distance range, and really long battery life. This one is it! I also love the 2 Bluetooth channels to hook to my Uclear headset in my helmet and the new Bluetooth button for the handle bars. Extremely happy with them!

  15. Brogan (verified owner)

    Awesome range and battery life. Overall just a great product that is easy to use!

  16. Nicole (verified owner)

    I haven’t run into any issues with the radio, battery holds up well and do not receive much static. The only thing I wish for would be a clip that maybe can rotate. I live on the east coast and do not ride with a backpack. I need a clip that can connect to my chest pocket and still be able to zipper the pocket, if we could turn the clip sideways it would work.

  17. Cooper

    Finally! A radio that does what is says it does. Super loud mic. The display and functions are really simplified. It is a high tech radio, that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find a channel or turn on Bluetooth. And the radio can take a serious beating riding in the trees. Most important…It works!

  18. Luke S. (verified owner)

    Excellent Radio! I really like the size of the radio, and its far more powerful than any other i’ve used while snowmobiling.

  19. Ryan P. (verified owner)

  20. David Dorner (verified owner)

  21. Brett (verified owner)

    Great radio and love the Bluetooth technology.

  22. Edward OBrien (verified owner)

  23. Craig (verified owner)

    True to there words…..I love them

  24. Ben Burton (verified owner)

    Best radio I have used so far

  25. William B. (verified owner)

    Received the renegade Bluetooth radio it connected up to our Sena helmet comms. really easy it makes it a lot easier to hear and communicate when I get more than than the out of sight communication that we had before

  26. Nathan Zollinger (verified owner)

    Works awesome for snow and Adventure bike / dirt bike/ RZR communications. Blue tooth option is a must for my applications.

  27. Jarrett Wright (verified owner)

  28. Rodney Peart (verified owner)

    Awesome Product!

  29. Brett (verified owner)

    Best radio on the market.

  30. ricky summers (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing radios!! Work great with bluetooth headphones in helmet!. Definitely will have my riding group using these radios!! Thanks Oxbow for great products!!

  31. Leland (verified owner)

  32. patrick ellis (verified owner)

    awesome products!

  33. Sean McNelly (verified owner)

    By far the best 2 way off-road radio I’ve ever used.. the Bluetooth allows me to connect to my in helmet comms so I never miss a call!

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